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GCC web wallet!

  • Instant access to your GCC coins
  • Log in from many devices online
  • Send and receive wherever you are

Safe funds

You don't need to download or backup anything. Your wallet is stored on a protected server.

Easy access

Make payment requests from your computer, mobile phone or tablet practically everywhere you go.

Fast transactions

Transactions take only a few minutes. Sending coins is confirmed by email.

Simplicity is the key

Receive and send your GCC coins – it’s as simple as that. We will add more features , if you want us to.

Check current rates

Download GCC Ticker for Android here. Be up to date – it only takes a single tap.

Full Support

We always know what to do when you encounter difficulties and have the right answers for your requests.


GCC Web Wallet is a place where you can store your TheGCCcoins safely online. Receiving and sending GCCs has never been more accessible. You don’t need to worry about storing your wallet as no download is necessary - you can leave your computer at home and go full mobile at any time.

Get instant access to your funds by logging to your web wallet online from any device that allows web browsing - almost anywhere in the world. The future of payments starts here.

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