Where can I get Global CryptoCurrency?

Right now, you can trade our cryptocurrency on Cryptopia, NovaExchange and TCXHub exchange markets. In the future, more exchange markets will be available.

I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

Go to login section and click on “forgot password?” to create a new one.

How to receive coins?

Provide your wallet address to the sender, so they can send funds to you. That’s all. If you buy your coins on an exchange market, provide your wallet address there.

You can also issue an URL address for transaction request and send it directly to you contact.

How to use the GCC web wallet?

You can use your web wallet for sending and receiving Global CryptoCurrency the same way as with downloadable version of the GCC wallet. Create an account, provide the address of the recipient, and send or receive your coins in seconds.

How is the new GCC web wallet different?

First of all, you don’t need to download it to your computer or mobile device. Simply create a new wallet and log in to it from any device that has internet connection and allows you to browse websites. Secondly, it does not allow you to mint your coins. Consider it a safe and simple storage for your coins. The new version of the web wallet allows you to manage your funds with more useful options at hand and even more securely.

In the old version of the GCC web wallet users were able to conveniently send and receive Global CryptoCurrency. The new version offers more! It is not only faster and has a better interface but it is also ready for mobile use.

Now you can create more than one receiving addresses and send URL address of transfer request that contains request details and send it your contacts.

The list of transactions is now clearer and we also added an address book where you can keep your contacts’ details.